Hill Programs offers coverage including:

Commercial General Liability/Professional Liability/Contractors Pollution Liability and Excess Liability to a wide variety of Oil & Gas Service Industry companies through certain underwriters at Lloyds, London.  Coverage is available in all states except Hawaii and Alaska.  Limits of liability are available up to $2,000,000 each claim and $2,000,000 policy period aggregate on primary policies and up to $10,000,000 each claim and $10,000,000 policy period aggregate on excess policies.  Premiums start at $4,000.



  • Coverage for Personal and Advertising Injury including consequential BI

  • Coverage for Pollution Conditions

  • Consent to Settle soft hammer clause (50%)

  • Coverage for computer software sold or supplied by the insured in the provision of professional services 

  • Punitive Damages coverage where allowed by law

  • Independent Contractors as an insured while working for the insured

  • Leased Employees as an insured while working for the insured

  • Temporary Employees as an insured while working for the insured

  • Insured Person includes spouse and domestic partner

  • Full Severability of all exclusions clause

  • True worldwide coverage

  • SIR reduced by 50% (up to $25,000) for use mediation to resolve a claim

  • Discovery Clause for reporting circumstances

  • Forty-five days coverage for merged or acquired entities

  • Blanket Waiver of Subrogation

  • Blanket Additional Insured

  • Blanket Primary & Non-Contributory

  • Hired & Non-owned Auto Liability Endorsement

  • CG 04 40 11 03 Stop Gap (North Dakota)

  • CG 04 40 11 03 Stop Gap (Wyoming)

  • CG 20 37 04 13 Automatic Additional Insured -- Completed Ops

  • Employee Benefit Liability Endorsement ($1,000,000 Limit of Liability)

  • Med Pay Buy Back ($10,000 any one person)

  • Underground Resources and Equipment $100,000 Sublimit

  • Blowout & Cratering $100,000 Sublimit

  • CG 25 03 05 09 Designated Construction Project(s) General Aggregate Limit Endorsement


  • Oil & Gas Transmission Pipeline

  • Refinery

  • Offshore